Life, Love, Friends.

*Crickets sound*

The motivation to maintain this blog is fading off a little. the number of open tabs i kept open as reference for blogging and ranting is getting out of hand.

Touchwood and all, if i do get quarantined after coming back from South Korea, thats 2 weeks of updating the blog. but yeah, hopefully not – because plans keep getting made while i am here.

Family and home. Close friends and the sleepover. Friends who ask when i am coming back. the catch up sessions. the grad trips and new chapters of life. so many things happened in singapore, and it doesn’t stop just because i am in South Korea. I am kind of glad i didn’t have that much convenient friends (friends who are friends due to circumstances). So, it didn’t felt that i drifted much from people? Just disconnected because its really so hard to lead multiple identities. Making new friends and catching up with old friends back home. Exploring Korea while balancing school work/ project mates. Pros and cons.


Should I study what I want to study or what I’m good at?
– Sadly, no one has the answer, except yourself. Or rather, dont let others impose their answers on you. Dont let the glitter and gold distract you from what u want. Dont let difficulties turn you back.

They said hobby is what u like but probably bad at. Job is what you are good at, but like a little less.

“Don’t confuse what you love with what you’re good at.”
“Men only take their needs into consideration, never their abilities.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

`Don’t major in something just because you’re good at it. School is supposed to teach you something you really want to do but aren’t necessarily good at. It’s supposed to teach you skills that would’ve been hard to learn otherwise. –> but the education system in singapore doesn’t really accept lousy and inability. Rat race or not, human capital is our main resources. You just have to find what you are good at. and paper qualification passes a verdict and determines what kind of doors open up for you.


“Sometimes I think about why these things happen, why some people remain a fixed part of your life forever, while others merely exist for a short time, and some weave their way in and out throughout the years. ”

“It’s a little bit disheartening to think about the people we loved so much only to lose them with time, with circumstance. I’d like to think that when you love someone that love has the power to last forever but if that were true, then why do we let it fade? ”

“Perhaps the problem is that love is never just enough. We expand, we grow, we become different versions of ourselves over time, and sometimes the people in our lives are unable to keep up. The changes become too great or the distance becomes too much until you realize you no longer remember what you had in common with them.”

“Every relationship goes through its ups and downs – this we know to be true – and we also know not every relationship makes it out alive, not every relationship has endurance. We experience this with friends, with lovers, with long-term partners. Everything has it’s season but the impact of the cyclical nature of relationships can often last years after the fact.”

Its amazing how sometimes thought catalog writers can just write out whatever that weighs down the heart. is it a universal feeling?


“You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever.
That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it”
– Older Ted Mosby

Have no regrets. Efforts are needed to maintain friendship too. Busyness and the tiring feel of catching up with someone’s life.

Busyness of life. Matching schedules. Priorities.


You dont have to meet everyday.

You don’t have to update each other of the most minute of details like if you’ve already eaten, what you had for lunch, etc. every. single. day. You aren’t absorbed in the world you’ve created just for you and your boyfriend. Your boyfriend coexists with all the other characters and elements of your world. He’s a part of it – maybe a major part of it – but NOT it.

Revolving your life with another doesn’t resonate with me. like i can’t picture how i am gonna do it. but maybe, next time, things may change. After all, they say, love is blind.

“if you want to be with someone, there can’t be anything in the world that would stop you from saying it besides your pride. So just say it. Don’t put it in the other person’s hands to decide. You are the only one who can feel your feelings, so own them ”



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